New adventures!

We are going to Alaska! Mid July we will start the long drive from Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, USA. Alaska has always been on both of our bucket lists and it is going to be amazing to experience the raw wilderness and the remote places. We will explore BC and Yukon in Canada and drive all the way to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska visiting Anchorage, Fairbanks, the mythical Denali as well as other national parks and trails, remote villages and miles and miles of open road for almost 6 weeks. We are going to drive and live in our camper van, the camperized Dodge Grand Caravan that brought us all the way to Mexico and back to Canada last winter. We are preparing it with new tires and some alterations to cope with the stretch from Fairbanks north to Prudhoe bay. Only 25% of Dalton Hwy is paved! We have two GoPro Cameras and 2 iPhones to document our trip. We will keep you updated!

The map is a document in the making, it will be altered many, many times before take off 🙂 (and along the way!)


2 thoughts on “New adventures!

  1. I am prejudice about the Dalton highway. Not because i lived for 14 years near Livengood and the beginning of the highway but because to me it is the one road in Alaska that best symbolizes what Alaska is all about. Once you get past Finger Rock almost every turn on the highway becomes a place you want to stop and photograph. **Go past the Yukon river camp for food to the Hot Spot cafe and make sure you stop at the top of Atigun pass for a photo op North towards the North Slope and it goes without saying get or read on line a copy of the “Milepost” it will have listed what is worth seeing and doing on every mile of your adventure. Best wishes for a safe road trip.


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