Vanlife on Playa los Arbolitos

We co-camped with two other van-families in the beautiful  Cabo Pulmo National Park for a few days. The park has amazing waters for snorkeling and the beaches are little pieces of paradise.

It is so much fun to camp together! 4 kids, 6 adults and 2 dogs made life crazier for a little while 😊 Kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, making bonfires, barbecues, pancakes – a lot of the good life! Traveling with other families, having the kids entertain eachother gives the grown ups a chance to get off the hook for a while 😉

It is a few miles of dirt road (ok without a 4×4) to get there but it is definitely worth the washboard-driving to pay it a visit! There are a couple of beaches to camp on, we chose Playa los Abolitos because they have simple toilets and showers and someone who attends the area every day. Camping is 50 pesos per person & night, children under 10 is free. There is no restaurant or store nearby, the closest one is in the village Cabo Pulmo 15 min away. They don’t carry much so it is a good idea to do all grocery shopping in either Los Barilles if you drive in from the north or on San Jose if you come from the south. The drive along the east cape of Baja is an experience in it self. Take your time and enjoy the view!

A tip is to hike the trail to Mermaid bay. The head of the trail is right by the camp area and the hike is about 30 min. The view is fantastic and the bay is really good for snorkeling.

Mermaid bay
The Hermit crab circus ⭐️

Mexi-style 🏜

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