Surfin’ on Playa de Cerritos

Walking down Cerritos Beach, Pescadero, Baja Californa Sur
Jeff gave the kids their first surf lesson on one of our favorite beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico, is Cerritos Beach in El Pescadero just south from Todos Santos on the Pacific side of Baja. Julia actually managed to stand up on the board the first time she tried! We just love playing in the waves with or without boards 🙂

We have to recommend Cerritos to everyone who are traveling through. The beach is sandy (no rocks to bash into when you fall of your board) and surf is easy (well, easier anyways). There are surf schools on the beach and you can rent surf boards and boogie boards by the hour if you don’t have your own. It is easy to access from the highway and the north side of the beach is where hang outs are. There are restaurants and ackommodation (from super cheap to very fancy and expensive) by the beach.

We have stayed at Surf Camp in Pescadero, about 3 kilometers from Cerritos, for almost 3 weeks, it is an area of Baja we really enjoy. There are tons of things to do, a very relaxed atmosphere and lots of nice people. We are for sure coming back! 

Two very excited kids trying surfing for the first time!
Surfer girl!

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