What about school?

One of the biggest issues with going traveling with kids in school age, is how to solve their schooling. In Sweden kids are not allowed to leave school without special permits. A and J are 7 & 9 (in 1st & 3rd grade) and when we first started to plan for the Canada/USA/Mexico trip this was the first thing we had to figure out before going ahead with our planning.

We started out calling the principal of the kids school, asking if there was any chance for us to proceed with our plans to take the kids with us on an adventure for 4 months. Luckily she was very positive to our ideas, and were willing to help us finding out how to apply properly. We learned it is up to every school to decide if leave is granted, and it varies a lot from school/district if kids are allowed to go. The law says children have to go to school but it does not keep you from alternative ways of solving the education.

In Brockville, Canada 2016

We filled out forms on the school website where we explained our trip, why and where we are going and how we will be willing to homeschool the kids along the way. We already had the principals word she was going to approve the application and so she did.

The teachers have helped us with plans for the education when we are away and provided us with all the books and material needed. They will also be available if there is any questions or problems arising.

Checklist if you are thinking of going traveling with you kids:

  • Talk to the school, tell them about you plans and “sell” the idea.
  • Fill out the forms as thoroughly as possible, that way it will be easier for the school to make the right decision. Press the educational benefits of traveling.
  • Don’t make to many plans before you talked to the school, you may hit problems.


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